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  1. James S
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    Today (4-11-2016) I received information from a registrar for whom I work about the need to complete the upgrade review and tests for both 9001 2015 and 14001 2015. Please advise how I am to proceed. I realize from reading the web page that there was a need to complete this earlier. For some reason I have not seen the above web information previously. It may have been received during computer problems earlier. I have been a certified QMSLA and EMSLA for many years under the schemes for RAB, QSA, RABQSA, and now Exemplar Global. Your assistance is most appreciated. Thank you so very much.
    Jim Scott

    1. spaton
      spaton at |

      The ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Assessments are available through Exemplar Global College at http://www.exemplarglobalcollege.org.


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