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  1. Michael Weissman
    Michael Weissman at |

    I suggest that Exemplar Global should look on how to reduce the annual auditor membership cost which is very high , rather than only focusing on reducing cost for auditing organisations.

  2. Terry Magnusson
    Terry Magnusson at |

    First 2 paragraph points to the cause of declining standards in auditing and is a threat to Examplar’s existence. Why IAF did away with the certified auditors is beyond me. With a shrinking pool of registered auditors in Examplar, I now understand they need to recoup the loss by charging ever higher fees.

    Since certification is now a commodity and is becoming cheaper by the day, certification body operators will look at external personnel certification as a cost. So even if Examplar wishes to sell the group model, it will not work. Examplar must first convince IAF about the benefit of using externally certified personnel, so that the pool of registered auditors can become sufficiently large to bring down the annual membership fees.


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