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  1. John F. Bielski
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    Item #2: I’ve used external internal auditors, I’ve audited my own company, and now I do internal audits as an external resource. I’ve seen the issues with #1 and #3 in my past companies. All three points were right on the money! Even if an external auditor uses a standardized checklist, you would be surprised with the diffeent take they can get vs the same identical answers 3 years in a row tot he same internal auditor.

    I’ll add a small #4 – Don’t have your internal auditors audit the same process over and over. Switch it up.

  2. Phil Lemieux
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    Section #2 is extremely relevant to my mission helping small, startup and growing organizations in their quality processes. Would it be possible to reproduce this article (or at least item #2) in my postings?

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