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  1. K.Mike Bird
    K.Mike Bird at |

    Hi Craig
    I would appreciate the ISO 9001 and 14001-2015 check lists. Kindly advise the costs if any have a great day
    Best Regards
    Mike Bird

  2. Debra M. Hay H
    Debra M. Hay H at |

    Excellent article. One comment though, to me context is the external and internal “pressures” on the organization and what they do to counter act or respond to these. For example, customers put certain pressures on an organization. What does the organization do because of their customers?

  3. Dennis S
    Dennis S at |

    Great ideas for thought

  4. Louis G
    Louis G at |

    Good listicle, enjoying the book. Kudos Craig!

  5. Jodi M
    Jodi M at |

    Craig – thanks for an informative post. As always, appreciate your insights!

  6. Michael W
    Michael W at |

    Excellent article. Is there a checklist that can be used for internal audits on ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015 ?

  7. Douglas W
    Douglas W at |

    This is a great article, interesting reading
    If possible, where can we obtain checklists for the new standards?

  8. Mark F
    Mark F at |

    Excellent article adding a new dimension to some of the basic questions used to ascertain where an organisation is at.

  9. Colin Bailey
    Colin Bailey at |

    Same request is there a checklist and if so may I obtain one? I am concerned about acceptable evidence for the new 9001:2015.

  10. Christena S
    Christena S at |

    How are these executive level discussions handled in terms of audit nonconformances? If the auditor determines in his/her view that the performance is ineffective, how is that documented as “major” or “minor” nonconformances, and is it not open to debate? How are the auditors trained to have these executive level conversations and make these judgments?

  11. Monica
    Monica at |

    Very apt and insightful questions. Will no doubt ensure value added audit process.


    1.to answer Q7 about capturing and maintaining knowledge in the organisation one can refer to Cl 7.1.6-organisation knowledge.
    2. For other Questions too author can put the relevant sections of ISO 9001:2015
    overall excellent coverage for beginners.

  13. Víctor Quispe Carranza
    Víctor Quispe Carranza at |

    Excellent article. It would be appropriate to also include a question about how the organization has internalized the new term of 7.5 documented information.
    Best Regards.
    Víctor Quispe.

  14. Barbara Hodges
    Barbara Hodges at |

    Very good article. Is there a checklist? May I receive one?

  15. K.Mike Bird
    K.Mike Bird at |

    Dear Craig
    I trust you are well? I requested some information on January 27th 2016-kindly refer to the first [1st] of eleven responses above. Any luck/information or Joy related to this request.
    Have a great day and Best Regards
    Mike Bird
    Fellow and Foundation Member of QSA
    + 61 408 566 037

  16. Rajeswar Bomma
    Rajeswar Bomma at |


    Please provide knowledge on:
    OFI (Opportunities For Improvement)
    Standard Reference: ISO 9001: 2015 (Clause wise)

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajeswar Bomma

  17. David Thigarajan
    David Thigarajan at |

    Hi Craig
    I would appreciate the ISO 9001 and 14001-2015 check lists. Kindly advise.
    Have a great day
    Best Regards

  18. Adrian G Dade
    Adrian G Dade at |


    Great article where can one find a free 9001:2015 Audit Checklist?

    1. Art Castillo
      Art Castillo at |

      Great info! Same request is there a 9001:2015 Audit Checklist and if so may I obtain one?

  19. zahra azarinoush
    zahra azarinoush at |

    thanks for describe the requirements of 9001.
    may i have example for the organizational knowledge and audit check list?

  20. Shrinivas
    Shrinivas at |

    This is a great article, interesting reading
    If possible, where can we obtain checklists for the new standards?

  21. Shan
    Shan at |

    I need one sample good iso 9001 2015 audit report

  22. isaac kalasani
    isaac kalasani at |

    good and well checklist of iso 9001 2015

  23. Ayesha Ghouri
    Ayesha Ghouri at |

    Thank you so much, its so much helpful

  24. Mathew Paul Vizhalil
    Mathew Paul Vizhalil at |

    Thank you Craig. I have your book, ” ISO 9001: 2015 in Plain English” . Well explained. I want to get in touch with you. Can you please share your mail id ?

    Can you please share some examples for Audit exercises? (These can be used for training)

    That exercise should contain the observation by Auditor and from there we need to identify the Non-Conformities mentioning ISO 9001:2015 clauses.

    Thank you once again.

  25. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    Sorry….these are not the most important questions!

    These will get you less than half the picture of whether a QMS is healthy, robust and functioning as intended!

  26. Kishor Desai
    Kishor Desai at |

    Very informative write up, indeed. Some of the new requirements, such as knowledge base is very deep and value meaning for the organizations. Even a century ago a few organizations avoided trap of “not reinventing the wheel” (inefficiency) by keeping well structured documents (design, amendments, corrections, improvement etc.) so now a days having information technology, data bases, server etc. retaining and protecting information is not a big issue it used to be. However, the structure of the information is key and it is an art form known to a few not many.

  27. Tanny Davidson
    Tanny Davidson at |

    Well Done Craig! Definitely using this article as a fantastic reference – thanks!

  28. OSS Certifications
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    It is most asked question. Thank for sharing very informative and fantastic article.

  29. SIS Certifications
    SIS Certifications at |

    hi admin , Nice article where can one find a free 9001:2015 standard Audit- Checklist?

  30. karthik
    karthik at |

    Thank you for your writting! It is easy to understand and detailed. I feel it is interesting, I hope you continue to have such good posts.

  31. Noel Reponte
    Noel Reponte at |

    Very nice questions for auditing top management!

  32. Komal
    Komal at |

    Subjective Assignment

    1.Read and understand the following scenario
    given below; Based on the scenario, state the Non
    conformity (NC) and mention the NC clause. State
    whether it is a major or minor Non conformity. Write
    the Objective evidence for Non conformity.
    The supplier development process, “Materials
    approval on the incoming inspection,” is out of
    control. Further investigation showed that the
    major problems were with new suppliers that were
    selected without any manufacturing site audit,
    as stated in the supplier development procedure
    in P7.1, Revision C. According to the purchasing
    manager, this problem happened because they did
    not have time to evaluate suppliers in the latest
    product development.


    Enter your answer

  33. Sis certifications
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    Thanks for Sharing Information about ISO 9001 Certification!


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