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  1. Dana Harris
    Dana Harris at |

    This is awesome, Bud!

  2. Christopher Sanderson
    Christopher Sanderson at |

    I’m very familiar with Bud Weightman and the QSI team. It’s a rarety to find some who’s as knowledgeable as Bud and with a great personality. He has always been willing to share his expertise and mentor the next generation of ISO Practitioners.

    I count myself fortunate to call him a mentor and friend. If your organization needs support in addressing your quality challenges, consider Bud and the QSI team as your partner.

  3. Nels Wickander
    Nels Wickander at |

    This is an awesome article about an articulate, detail oriented, personable businessman that has an ability to drive a training session or an audit in a positive direction.

    I have personal experience with Bud’s expertise and highly recommend Bud and the QSI team for any of your QHSE challenges as well as management problems you may be facing.

  4. Gregory Hutchins
    Gregory Hutchins at |

    Great piece. Well deserved. Congrats.

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