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  1. Mike Bird
    Mike Bird at |

    I read your article with great interest, only one word “Excellent” I have had the privilege and fortune to work with Industry, Manufacturing and Service for many years! I cant stop reading such an exciting experience of yours. Having been a Director on the board, profit sharing for several years working for Electrolux I like to add some of my experiences and the failures I have seen where management have not identified and failed to take action on being effective to gain a stainable competitive advantage over their competitors as follows:-
    The five [5] Management failures as experienced.
    * Communication -[Effective]
    * Commitment.
    * Corporation.
    * Coordination.
    * Consensus
    Have a great day and keep up the great work-very much appreciated!
    Mike Bird
    CEO & Partner
    Smart Quality Group
    Twenty five [25] years with Exemplar Global/RAB

  2. Afaq Ahmed
    Afaq Ahmed at |

    Thanks so much for your interest in my article and providing additional insight.


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