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  1. Kenneth W GEORGE
    Kenneth W GEORGE at |

    Great article, Kristin ! Spot on as a recommendation for implementing the new version of the standard.

  2. Victor L. Cook
    Victor L. Cook at |

    Good to know INFO, Thanks

  3. Tom L Conley
    Tom L Conley at |

    Nice article Kristin, I am saving this for future referance.

  4. Evelyn Carter
    Evelyn Carter at |

    Very helpful! Thank you.

  5. Leonard Borochin
    Leonard Borochin at |

    so.. where is detail explanations on red highlighted 4.4.1(b) ? ( suppose mandatory requirements from ISO9001-2008)

    1. Kristin Case
      Kristin Case at |

      Leonard, the intent in this model is that senior leaders define the processes and their sequence and interaction (4.4.1b) and the process owners define the details of their processes, such as inputs, outputs, resources, etc. (4.4.1a, c, d, e, f, g, h).


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