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  1. Mike Giguere
    Mike Giguere at |

    Great article. Well done. I agree 100%

  2. Robert R. Deanda
    Robert R. Deanda at |

    Thank you for your article.

    How does one determine if ISO 2015 “Internal E Audits” are allowed? Would that be determined by each registrar?

    Robert R. Deanda

  3. Pam Bethune
    Pam Bethune at |

    This is a good article and well worth some time to both read and understand.

  4. Rui Vilarinho
    Rui Vilarinho at |

    We use Fieldwire and the client uses E-Auditor can we pass our punches from Fieldwire to E-Auditor?
    Thank you in advance for your collaboration and answer
    Rui Vilarinho
    Engie Solutions
    Technical Manager Quality Offshore

  5. Ashika
    Ashika at |

    What are the limitations of e auditing


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