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Conducting the Closing Meeting: Sharing the Results Quiz Answers

Below are the answers to the quiz at the end of the Conducting the Closing Meeting: Sharing the Results article by J.P. Russell.


  1. b) The team leader or lead auditor is expected to facilitate the meeting. When appropriate, there may be other participants such as subject matter experts or audit team members reporting specific observations.
  2. a) If defined in the management system or by agreement with the audit client, the participants should agree on the time frame for an action plan to address audit findings.
  3. d) The degree of detail of information provided at the closing meeting should be consistent with the familiarity of the auditee with the audit process. More details may include review of the process for collecting evidence, the method for determining findings, how findings are reported, auditee options for responding to findings, and expectations for following up. Some of the other answer choices may be appropriate but aren’t included in the ISO 19011 guidance.
  4. c) For internal audits, the closing meeting is less formal and may consist solely of communicating the audit findings and audit conclusions. In reality, internal audit closing meetings will depend on the culture of the organization and what has proven to be effective.

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