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  1. Kris Erickson
    Kris Erickson at |

    Kristin, I enjoyed your article. As an auditor I like you have seen many manuals that simply reiterate the Standard requirements, instead of how those requirements are addressed at that particular company. What a wasted opportunity when management doesn’t sit down together and get their arms around how their system works at a high level and put it down on paper. Seems like that exercise alone would make things more clearly understood and the system would flow more smoothly. Thanks for your insights, Kristin – keep on coaching!

  2. Dennis Kearney
    Dennis Kearney at |

    Whist I support a manual/controlling document concept; the largest void I have seen, reported on, and object to, “the levels of approval”. Throughout the ISO/AS systems the content reference to “Top Management” gets distorted. Hence here is where we start to see problems, “Approval” how long it takes in large Corporations to get controlling documents approved. So much so it is and has been for decades a “pet peeve of mine”. Smaller companies (less than 1000 people) with campus operations up to 4-5 units (no matter the distance between each) do not have as much of a problem of large companies. People involved in auditing need to improve their IT (software as well as hardware). Manuals can be electronic using media or photos reduce verbiage control processes.


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