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  1. K.Mike Bird
    K.Mike Bird at |

    Hi Craig
    I would appreciate the ISO 9001 and 14001-2015 check lists. Kindly advise the costs if any have a great day
    Best Regards
    Mike Bird

  2. Debra M. Hay H
    Debra M. Hay H at |

    Excellent article. One comment though, to me context is the external and internal “pressures” on the organization and what they do to counter act or respond to these. For example, customers put certain pressures on an organization. What does the organization do because of their customers?

  3. Dennis S
    Dennis S at |

    Great ideas for thought

  4. Louis G
    Louis G at |

    Good listicle, enjoying the book. Kudos Craig!

  5. Jodi M
    Jodi M at |

    Craig – thanks for an informative post. As always, appreciate your insights!

  6. Michael W
    Michael W at |

    Excellent article. Is there a checklist that can be used for internal audits on ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015 ?

  7. Douglas W
    Douglas W at |

    This is a great article, interesting reading
    If possible, where can we obtain checklists for the new standards?

  8. Mark F
    Mark F at |

    Excellent article adding a new dimension to some of the basic questions used to ascertain where an organisation is at.

  9. Colin Bailey
    Colin Bailey at |

    Same request is there a checklist and if so may I obtain one? I am concerned about acceptable evidence for the new 9001:2015.

  10. Christena S
    Christena S at |

    How are these executive level discussions handled in terms of audit nonconformances? If the auditor determines in his/her view that the performance is ineffective, how is that documented as “major” or “minor” nonconformances, and is it not open to debate? How are the auditors trained to have these executive level conversations and make these judgments?


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