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  1. D. Robitaille
    D. Robitaille at |

    Amen. If auditors wish to be treated as professionals, they should act like professionals. Who would want to go to a cardiologist who isn’t up on most recent advances in heart surgery?

  2. Cyrus Bearden
    Cyrus Bearden at |

    Great read….Very good points.
    Seriously, It just makes sense!!!….

  3. Ross Macfarlane
    Ross Macfarlane at |

    Really? Qualified, apparently competent auditors actually need to be told that they need to *read the standard*? For goodness’ sake…

  4. Atul
    Atul at |

    Excellent and informative information. Thanks for sharing
    Atul Prasad

  5. Christina Scalise
    Christina Scalise at |

    Good article. I routinely work at expanding my knowledge of the standards and the ways they can be interpreted and implemented. I am often surprised while auditing that the management representative and or internal auditor have had limited training or review of the standards to which the organization is certified. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Tess Burlingame
    Tess Burlingame at |

    Great article. I don’t think the problem is auditors can’t afford to buy the standards or because they are contractors that they chaffe at restrictions. (Although, I admit to chaffing at the price of the standards) Arrogance and fear of change are the real enemy here. Auditors, like everyone else, get comfortable in a “routine” and audit to what they think the organization should look like and not to the standard.
    Another problem is sites are always nice to auditors and rarely challenge them because the auditor holds all the power during the audit. We start to “believe our own bullshit” as the final authority on things instead of having the humility to listen and learn.


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