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  1. John F Bielski
    John F Bielski at |

    Hi Rick,

    Nice article, and good advice. I see that there is value in auditing being a greying profession. To be useful to a registrar, you need enough work experience / exposure to get enough EA codes to make you a viable hire / contractor.

  2. Cyrus Bearden
    Cyrus Bearden at |

    Excellent Article and Interview…Many fine points mentioned.

  3. Ron Makar
    Ron Makar at |

    Hi Rick …. Great interview!
    Take care,
    Ron Makar

  4. Anna Fulton
    Anna Fulton at |

    Great article. Rick Litts is a quality guy, no pun intended. Learned alot from him.
    Former HR executive.
    Anna Fulton


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