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  1. Wendy P
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    I’m not sure I agree that the audit report should include “actions taken to resolve problems” and “Determination of appropriate actions, if any, and the results”. The audit report should identify nonconformances, OFIs, and now risks. Top management should review the audit report or at least a summary soon after the internal audit. Process owners should be tasked with the responsibility of determining necessary actions; not the auditor who writes the report.
    At some point in a future management review, top management should then review the actions taken to resolve the problems and results to ensure that problems are effectively resolved and risks have been appropriately addressed. In addition, top management should review the overall effectiveness of the internal audit program which includes the time allocated to audit each process.

  2. Michael W
    Michael W at |

    An audit is a ” snap – shot ” inspection of the organisation activities. I am conducting internal SHEQ audits of my organisation branches spread across Australia. The audit report goes to the branch regional manager and his team only , not to the senior manager of the organisation .My additional role as the SHEQ manager is to record non conformities , observations , recommendations in the audit report and also back them up by recording corrective actions request and assigning them to the branch regional manager for investigation and correction.
    The top management of the organisation which meets 1/ month receives a brief stating : audits done against annual plan, No of corrective actions YTD , no of corrective actions overdue. Since this management meeting reviews all business performance in the month , we don’t have time to go into details of audit results . Is this a problem ? Please advise..


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