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  1. Martin Rellin
    Martin Rellin at |

    Very good/informative article.

  2. Govind Ramu
    Govind Ramu at |

    This publication is well written and easy to follow. Accreditation is an area that many users of the standards are not fully knowledgeable. This publication will be very helpful for understanding the importance of accreditation and what to look for in a supplier certification.

    Under the section” How does a buyer evaluate the validity of the certificate?”
    I would also look if the specific manufacturing or office location where the product or service is performed is within the scope of the registration. Sometimes, I have seen suppliers use a corporate office registration to leverage businesses from site locations not registered to management systems. I would even question a supplier’s certificate too close to expiry date (within 6 months) and ask if they are waiting for a reissue of certificate or not audited for recertification. If you require management system certification for bidding on a local government project, pay attention to contract specifics. IAF MLA with vision “certified once – accepted everywhere.” is true in most situations. However, I have seen EU contracts requiring only EU based accreditation bodies.

  3. Sheronda
    Sheronda at |

    Govind – Excellent points! I think that the proposed IAF database of accredited certifications will make it easier for buyers to review the scope and the locations included under the certification.


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