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  1. Andrew Nichols
    Andrew Nichols at |

    The basic premise of Quality = Certification and the decline of Certification = A decline of Quality is incorrect.

    1. Deb Piatt
      Deb Piatt at |

      Decline in certification has nothing to do with decline in Quality.

      Organizations are establishing methods to ensure product and service quality that enhance customer satisfaction that are more in line with customer and industry requirements vs. ISO requirements.

      Some of the major causes of decline in certification can be traced to the certifying bodies failure to deliver service quality to enhance client satisfaction, in numerous areas, including planning and auditor competencies.

  2. Michael Giguere
    Michael Giguere at |

    Well stated. In my view the fault for declining interest in ISO 9001 rests entirely on the registration bodies. There has been a failure to up sell ISO Management standards as risk mitigation tool. Board rooms ought to be pushing this. Up selling would command a higher fee and thereby the ability to engage auditors with a true sense of business. It is embarrassing the things that transpire during an audit and the “value added” notions that many auditors believe they bring to the table. Not to fault them, they are doing the best they can with their limited ability for strategic perspective on a business operation.


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