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  1. Pei
    Pei at |

    Dr Ajay’s story is really inspiring me! His attitude and mindset are young people’s best model to follow.

  2. Minerva J
    Minerva J at |

    Dr. Ajay journey is very inspirational. It is always great to read that still a people there that is willing to help people , like he said, “I want to leave a legacy for others to follow”
    Well done Dr.Ajay

  3. Lesley
    Lesley at |

    Dr Alan has made the most of his talents and opportunities. An enquiring mind that roams widely and shares the knowledge gained. A rare combination.

  4. Vinay N
    Vinay N at |

    It was so inspiring to read about Dr Shah’s professional journey. Gives one hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s also so important to have mentors who can guide and inspire you in your own professional journey.


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