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  1. Shaylee Packer
    Shaylee Packer at |

    As you mentioned, one of the ways it is determined whether something is minor or major is based on the level of risk posed to the general public. Is there a list of things that could be on the audit so that a company can prepare for the audit before hand? I wonder if there is a company one could hire to help with the audit process.

  2. amyra
    amyra at |

    Hi, I am an operational compliance reviewer with two year experience in this field. So far, I can say that what I can acquire within this period is merely the on the surface. Since compliance assessment focusing more on ensuring ones organisation adhere to the requirements, I would like to understand more on the auditing approaches as I have a little clue in building up case where it is difficult for me to identify the severity of the finding as most of the assessment conducted are based on case to case basis.


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