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  1. Paul Sexton CQP
    Paul Sexton CQP at |

    Thanks Inderjit, I enjoyed your article.

    I use to agree with your below comment and I still do to a certain extent:
    “70 percent of management systems are based on ISO 9001 alignment to the clauses. I often ask why. The answer is that it’s easier for auditors to audit”.

    I recently found that smaller organisations can benefit from the alignment of ISO 9001 clauses, as it help them understand the requirements of the standard and how they meet the requirements. It also helps managers understand auditor talk. That being said, the way its written is crucial and need to reflect the way the business works.

  2. Jude
    Jude at |

    I am very happy that this statement came to limelight. Your observations are more like mine. Yet how do I complain and to whom?

    Recently I had an interaction with a trainer who had asked me to explain my understanding of 7.2 in 45001 after my explanation, he insisted that I did not explain the Note. I informed him that the notes were already captured in the requirements and it’s only a guide.
    He insisted and kept mute.
    A lot of us have been caught in this web. Making the application and interpretation of these requirements more complicated not just because we don’t know, but because someone had refused.

    Please permit me to copy your post to my wall and other groups.

    Nwachukwu Jude Uche


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