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  1. Frank Kinlaw
    Frank Kinlaw at |

    I found your article very interesting. I would however like to add a comment. I think for remote audits to be really effective, you must also do occasional on site audits to have some familiarity with the people and the processes. So one on-site for ever 3 remotes or something like that. I also think the remote auditor should have full access to all the sites documents, process, procedures, and Instructions. And finally, the full cooperation of the sites management team and the employees. I do think you are right that remote audits are the way of the future, not just for COVID reasons but for economic reasons. Like all endeavors, communications and working as a team is what will make remote audits work. Thanks Frank

  2. Ernest Blanchard, CQA, CMQ/OE, MBA
    Ernest Blanchard, CQA, CMQ/OE, MBA at |

    Thank you for the article. It is very reflective of my personal experiences as a 3rd-party auditor. Hope to see more on this topic from you.

  3. Ajinkya
    Ajinkya at |

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    Ajinkya Bankar


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