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Auditing Survey Shows Cracks in the Glass Ceiling

Is there a glass ceiling in the world of auditing for women? Or even for the young auditor? The results may surprise you. by Peter Holtmann:  From our recent global

ISO 9001

Getting Ready for ISO 9001:2015—Prepping Internal Auditors

It’s time to start thinking about training internal auditors to ISO 9001:2015. by Denise Robitaille:  It’s getting to be time to start thinking about preparing internal auditors for the upcoming

Book Reviews

Book Review: Advanced Quality Auditing

Advanced Quality Auditing: An Auditor’s Review of Risk Management, Lean Improvement, and Data Analysis by Lance B. Coleman, Sr. Reviewed by Duke Okes. When a statement in a book’s introduction


Conducting the Audit Follow-Up: When to Verify

Clause 6.7 of ISO 19011 covers distribution of the audit report, including conducting the audit follow-up. by J.P. Russell:  This column is devoted to a review of ISO 19011 topics.


Auditing a Subsystem: Auditing Internal Meetings

When looking for cost savings and to increase effectiveness, consider auditing internal meetings by looking at their management, process, and structure. by Russell T. Westcott:  You’ve probably heard these vocalizations

ISO/TS 16949

The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) has announced that it has set up a working group of IATF member organizations

ISO 14001

by Karen Stewart and Lisa F. Wilk:  ISO 9001 isn’t the only management system standard being revised. ISO 14001, the