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Selecting and Training Internal Auditors

In assembling an internal audit team, you should focus both on identifying individuals with certain traits and on recruiting people who will think differently from each other. by Craig Cochran: 


Approving and Distributing the Audit Report

Clause 6.5.2 of ISO 19011 covers distribution of the audit report, including who should get the results. by J.P. Russell:  This column is devoted to a review of ISO 19011


Conversion from Auditors to Certified Technical Experts: Where Age Counts

The aging demographic of the auditing profession means that there will be new opportunities for experienced auditors even after retirement. by Peter Holtmann:  The audit profession consists of an aging

ISO 9001

Risky Business: Twelve Steps to Prepare for ISO 9001:2015

Many companies that are ISO 9001-registered are already meeting many of ISO 9001:2015’s new requirements pertaining to risk management. by Lance Coleman:  ISO 9001:2015 is replacing preventive action with risk-based

ISO 9001

ISO 9000:2015 — What’s Normative, Anyway?

The Draft International Standard (DIS) version of ISO 9001:2015 states in clause 2 that ISO 9000:2015 is its “normative reference.” But this is nothing new. Each revision of ISO 9001

ISO/TS 16949

The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) has announced that it has set up a working group of IATF member organizations

ISO 14001

by Karen Stewart and Lisa F. Wilk:  ISO 9001 isn’t the only management system standard being revised. ISO 14001, the